Monday, July 19, 2010

Daddy's B'day Dinner @Sri Ayuthaya, Bukit Damansara

Last night, we decided to celebrate daddy's belated birthday by having a Thai dinner.
Mum has been raving about the Steamed Fish with Lychee and Lime that she saw on The Star newspaper.
We all know she wouldn't stop until she gets to taste it.

So we decided to pay a visit to Sri Ayuthaya @Bukit Damansara.
As you all may have know, the restaurant itself consist of three floors and it's beside Victoria Station.
It was our third time eating at Sri Ayuthaya.

hmmm, inside...

There's a fountain.

A red lamp-ish deco

Table Setting
the super heavy cutlery and napkin :/

and then FOOOD!

Tom Yum Vegetable for mum, dad and me (we shared :P)
and my brothers & their gfs ordered three more Tom Yum Seafood and one Tom Yum Chicken.

Kerabu Mango

Stir Fried Kailan with Mushroom and Salted Fish

Plain Omelette

Sizzling Chicken

Steamed Fish Thai Traditional Style
Question : Where's the lychee lime fish?
It's not out yet =.=", mum see the promo on newspaper never see date.
So we came here for nothing lol!

Stir Fried Squid in Chilli Paste


Refillable sky juice
Cheapest drinks of all in the menu :/

Bill came up to about 300 or 400+ if I'm not mistaken.
As expected from Sri Ayuthaya.
Food wasn't spicy enough, but it was nothing extraordinary.
Standard Thai Food catered and adapted into the Malaysian surrounding.

Would I come back for more?
No :) but if they have the lychee lime fish, oh maybeee.
All the pictures weren't editted :)
Pardon me for the poor quality captured by my Apple.

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