Thursday, July 29, 2010

Listen, look and taste in Singapore

I'm back from the oh-so-awesome Singapore.
It was a fun and tiring trip.
Mum and I literally walked til we drop.
and ate til we were freaking bloated.
We just keep eating and walking.
Oh my, I missed Singapore already.
Gonna just summarize up the three days trip into one post and fill em up with pictures :)
Pictures speak a thousand words :)

Day One

Just departed from Skypark, caught this marshmallow-like clouds on camera!

Complimentary juice and cracker on board.

Reached my hotel room at Concorde Orchard Hotel, and saw this UNIQUE lamp :/

Green Tea Shaved Ice as my thirst quencher at Crystal Jade Restaurant, Orchard Central.

Thoughtful of them to place two pairs of cute footprints on the steps aye? Literally in all the malls I went eh :)

This yummy fritter took my breath away.

Always will be an LV fan.

Cute toilet sign!

Really don't look like a toilet at all wei.

Day Two

The Lake of Dreams at Resorts World Sentosa, I snapped a picture of mum with it so that she could get lucky in the casino :P

Got inspired by Petrina to take a picture with this in Universal Studio heh :)
I have a super round face, FML :(

The ONLY picture of mum and I.

Marilyn Monroe is a legend.

Unattended prams.

My lunch at Mel's Drive, Universal Studio.

My tea break in Seventh Heaven, Resorts World Sentosa.

They have plenty of these kind of portrait at Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa.

Mum's late lunch in Wang Cafe :)

Night view of Marina Sands.

Day Three

Bye Singapore!
Thanks for the memories, I will be back soon.

2 days til World Stage :)
I can't wait.

Joined every contests available and got this today.
I really don't know how I got them, as in from which contests that I joined.

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ken said...

so cool.. must go there one day =)

Jolyn said...

ken : go where?

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