Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tutti Frutti @Sunway Giza

One fine night, mummy and I had nothing to do at home.
So, after daddy went out, mummy dragged me to Colour Culture.
That one hour of waiting for her to do nails, was kind of a torture.
Especially when the manicurist was speaking loudly for the whole hour.

As a compensation afterwards :P, mummy brought me to Tutti Frutti for their ice-cream :D

Ok, correction!
It's called frozen yoghurt, not ice-cream :P
It's way healthier than ice-cream.
Non fat, low calories, low sugar, high calcium.
Gah it's still ice-cream to me :P Still as fattening as ever and also makes me happy xD

Supposingly, they have lots of flavors in other outlets.
But there are only six flavors available here in Sunway Giza.
This include Original, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry and Passionfruit.

Mum told me to mix for her while she busy talking on the phone.
Oh well, she's always talking on the phone, I can't really imagine her NOT talking on the phone.

Mine on the left, and mum's on the right

Mine : a mix of Original and Passion fruit with chocolate rice and peanut sprinkles.
Mum's : a mix of Blueberry and Strawberry with lychee and peanut + almond sprinkles.


Both were super yummy :)
I finished mine *proud*
and as usual, mum never finish her food xD

Apparently they count by weights.
After I take everything already only I know >.<
But never mind lah, happy can already xD
The bill came up to about RM24.35.
Quite expensive for ice cream >.<

It's a treat from mummy though, YAYAY!

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ken said...

wah.. sure fattening =P

Jolyn said...

ken : u rubbing it in somemore T_T

Thristhan said...

Fattening but yummying :)

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