Saturday, July 17, 2010

MTV WorldStage Roadshow = Sandwich

I was at the MTV Worldstage Roadshow at Sunway Pyramid today.
It was supposed to be from 12-6pm.
But then we were there from 11-5pm.
Didn't stay til the end because no luck already :(

So ya , I have gotten my ticket as you know from my previous post, so I was gonna try my luck there at Sunway Pyramid to win the Xzone passes/Meet'n'Greet.
But oh well, no luck ler, because it was really crowded and crazy over there.

Apparently if you get a new Xpax number and reload fifty,
and you could get two normal passes :)

Also, the same goes to applying for new Hong Leong Bank MTV credit card, buying a new handset from Sony Ericsson, or something to do with Sunway Lagoon.

I feel really old and out of place over there.

Shouted like mad for the performances and to be called up on stage.
But luck wasn't on my side.
Oh well, I'll stick with the normal pass then.
and hopefully, I can get my hands on some after party tickets :D

Lots and lots of things happened over there.
Performances by BitterSweet and some Indonesian band called Golden Dragon.
Oh I must say that I couldn't take my eyes off the keyboardist, he's really talented.
Oh well, and then there were challenges and Q&A for those who got called on stage to win those tickets. Lucky them.

I also got my hands on a really pretty tank top for only RM5 today!
Ordered it from some website called

and I just had the best BAK KUT TEH for dinner.
The BKT is named Sammy Bak Kut Teh.
I finished my bowl of rice *PROUD*
It's in a restaurant called Restaurant Taman Berkeley at Klang.

I ought to end my post here because I'm really tired >.<
Really really want those tickets :(

Want those passes as badly as I do?
Here's how to get MTV Worldstage Passes!

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