Thursday, July 22, 2010

Uncle Prawn Restaurant : The Prawn Star of Giza?

My parents brought me to Uncle Prawn Restaurant for dinner again today.
This is our second visit.
On our first visit, we tried their signature 'Sang Har Sang Min' and 'Ngau Yok Hor'.
We were very satisfied.

Uncle Prawn Restaurant's Logo
It says 'Dai Tao Har'

First Dish

Fried Rice with Anchovies and Char Siew ( Ngan Yu Zai Chao Fan)
Yum yum!


Boiled Prawns (Bak Cheuk Chou Ha)

The Dip Sauce for the prawn

Followed by..

Steamed Garoupa Fish Head with Black Pepper Cubes (Wu Jiu Lap Jing Sek Ban Yu Tao)


Steamed Frog with Brands Essence (Bak Lan Si Jing Tin Kai)


Chinese Spinach in Superior Soup (Sheung Tong Yin Choi)

On my second visit, I find that I wouldn't mind going back for more.
Except that it was pretty pricey though.
The bill came up to RM120.23.

Btw, Uncle Prawn Restaurant is offering 1 whole Talapia fish* of 300gm of Tiger Prawn** for only RM1.

* Valid for food order exceeding RM50 in a single receipt
** Valid for food order exceeding RM80 in a single receipt

Promotion is valid for daily lunch only and excludes all Set Lunch.

This offer only valid until 31st of July 2010.

Let me introduce you the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR!

Do this during work and you are sure to have a bright future :)

P.S This post is purely my own opinion and for humor purposes, if my words have offended any of you readers, please accept my apology.

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