Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Deutschland for WC :P

For once, I hope Paul The Octopus is wrong :)
Afterall, sport is sport, if an octopus can predict the result, then what's the point of having a competition? Right?

Hehe, I'm a Brazil and Germany supporter, but then Brazil have been eliminated :(
I have to admit the Dutch played well in that match.
It's not that the Brazillian players are bad, it's just that the Dutch are way better.

So, I hereby hope that Germany will win the world cup whee!
I'll definitely stay up for the final match *finger crossed* :X

Deutschland! Deutschland!

Support Germany! WHY?

They are good :D

Forgive me for my lame-ness.
I'm off to Tioman tomorrow, so a short update here before I abandon my blog again til next week :S

Oh! and I finally started packing, already halfway through :D, gonna finish packing tomorrow after my movie outing with Gek, May and Wyn :)
Can't wait to see them! It's been like nth years!

I'm also finally a MPH member. Given my love for books, any books at all!
Vampire, Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Drama, Chic Lit, Supernatural, you name it :)

This is my latest buy.

Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill

I'm sure you can guess what genre it is under la right.
I haven't read it yet, planning to read it tomorrow night while I'm in the bus to Tioman.
Six hours of bumpy ride, don't think I'll sleep all the way :)
Can't wait to read this book!
But I'll restrain myself :D

Til then peeps! Stay tune for another beach post of mine :)
I'll try to take more scenic pictures with that lousy camera of mine >.<

P.S This post is solely just my thought,
, I am sorry :) if in anyway I offended anyone of you readers with my opinion on the WC 2010.

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