Monday, July 12, 2010

A city girl in a fisherman village.

City girl arrived at fisherman village.

Tioman was surprisingly cooling on the first day.

Sunset :)

The schools of fishes.

The ONE beam of sun light that shone through

Tioman Town, filled with yachts.

Popular snorkel spot at open sea

Nemo found :)

Do you think that there will be a pearl in it :)?


Awesome boy, he can wear his hoodie over his feet *claps*

Her stomach is a universe *clapssss*

Every moments spent there were fragments of lesson learnt for me to appreciate the life I have more and more.

What can be worst than getting freak out every now and then with the sudden appearance of 'biawak' and bats?

Also, there were cracks on the wall of the room and ants everywhere.
And not to mention, my brother who got so irritated by bed bugs.
Thank God I slept with Joan and Terrance, my room has ants ONLY.
The fear of fire was always there too for mostly the buildings were made out of wood and wood only.

What can I say? I've learnt my lesson.
I appreciate what I have more.
Oh well, you pay for what you get.
We stayed in the cheapest inn on the whole island.
Our whole trip of 4 days 2 nights summed up to about RM300.
Fisherman do live a tough life, and fishing really ain't easy.

However, the group of fishermen who owns the inn I stayed in for the past few days, were few of the most courteous, friendly and generous people I have met.


Nonetheless, I'm glad to be home.
City, is where I belong afterall :)

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