Monday, July 5, 2010

Double Happiness

I woke up earlier than usual, and started to look for hotels in Bangkok.
Cheap and nice :), narrowed it down to five choices, shall present them to mum later :D

Gotten my coffee and brunch, then drove off to collect my prom dress from the laundrette, LIKE FINALLY AFTER A MONTH.

I was supposed to fetch Ai Yan at 4.30 then head to Blossom's Deli for awesome tea time before we go off to SS2 Pasar Malam to nom nom nom!
But then, we were both bored to shyte that we decided to forward it by an hour.
Thus, I presented myself in front of her house by 3.30pm and off we went to Blossom's Deli!

The super duper famous and delicious Carrot Cake wasn't available, neither was the tong sui :(
We settled for can drinks instead.
After about 2 hours of random crapping and sweating (Blossom's Deli was very humid),
we headed off to SS2, time to FOOD HUNT WHEEE~!

I gotten a double dose of what I've been craving for weeks!

Ban Chiang Kueh :D

Then, some other Nyonya Kueh and also beverages :)

It was indeed a happy 1 hour stroll in SS2 night market.
I'm so gonna miss this kind of walk :)
So much to nom nom nom, and slurp*

This creation from eggs, flour, peanuts and sugar will always be my all time favourite :D

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kenwooi said...

i like ban chiang kueh too! especially when it's crunchy =)

Jolyn said...

kenwooi : yep that too :D, but this is the bomb xD

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