Friday, July 16, 2010

Blessed Friday

Today is a happy day =D
Because a few things happened!

I'm going to Singapore with mama for vacation :DDD
Was researching the whole day because I'm gonna be her tour guide over there :D
It's a pure trip of luxury ONLY. (NO MORE BUDGET, I DAMN SCARED)

Then, we're going to Universal Studio + Marina Sands over there :DD
After seeing Petrina's photos of Universal Studio, I really sangat sangat mahu pergi xD xD

I'm going to World Stage :DD
Thanks to Terry, you are truly a very good cousin la :D
Although we got no blood relation :D

I finally gotten the aromatherapy I wanted.
I feel much more alive now :)
Dead cells and tensed muscles BE GONE!

(I'm not sure if there's such a word)
I got my hands on my new stocks of novels :)

The happiest news of all :), my dad is finally speaking to me again :D
Still not much, but at least no more scowling :D

toodles :)

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