Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekly recap

Hi bloggie, I'm sorry for neglecting you >.<

Haven't been updating a proper post. And also have been Facebook-free :). I'll go there soon!
I've just been really busy and antisocial for the past four days, I think I was practically down for like 3 and a half day, the other half was just emotionless and relieved. A lot has happened ever since result day. I didn't do well I admit it but no 4A's didn't mean the end of the world right :)? and also what's with the hospitals run, class test test test, and never ending tutorials, and also quality time with my darling a.k.a My Mum, I'm never neglecting her anymore. Another six months left in A-Levels and then it's uni. Too much to do, too little time, if only a day has 72 hours eh? That would be so much better. I've thrown away my old habit, I'm starting to do my homework using my heart not only brain. It's a whole lot more different when I use my heart, because I'll get to remember all the facts. You must be thinking that I'm so weird right? But I simply do not care coz I'm me, I live for me and my family.

nuff said, I've found a new hobby, loving Econs =D

What a good example of a mother eh :)? And you're supposed to switch off your mobile phone in a hospital.

Reflect reflect!

Oh, my wallet is drying up every day :(
Paying for past year papers, additional classes, and also medicine :(
And food too! Brain can't absorb when I'm food deprived.
Argh gotta claim from mum, oh ya did I mention I absolutely love my mum?

Just came back from Econs tuition with Normylicious, WenWenlicious and Molicious.
It was good! And then we went for dinner at Kayu.

Oh I've got to study Physics now.
Energy Level!
Ciao people, back to work.
This world is awesome pawesome!

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