Friday, January 22, 2010

Bubble Tea is Love

Today six of us went to get Bubble Tea before lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Miao xD.

Man Man was so engrossed in his Strawberry Yoghurt Blended and Econs that the beggar got ignored. Anyway I don't like this beggar, he has limbs, he should work for the money instead of begging for it.

Mine *kiss the cup*
Paid RM3.30 for this and an Ice Blended Mocha for Lai :D

Man Man sharing his Strawberry Yoghurt with Matthew and Chua enjoying his Honeydew Watermelon :)

What can I say?
I love this promotion even though I'm a regular in the KD branch of Let's A Cup.

Anyway something random before I leave.

This is my Japanese Sakura nails :)

P.S Mr Miao knows us by names!
& he so thin t.t Kesian le, must have missed Mrs. Miao so much.

If only Monday never comes

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