Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple things that succeeded in making my day

Earlier yesterday
I couldn't stay back to join the Helium experiment insanity :(
I got my balloon too >.<" Had to rush home right after class. Was hungry already during our 11 o'clock break, thus drag the guys for lunch along with me.
We went PappaRich but guess what they are having in PappaRich?

Lol! Swt right? But the fact that they teman-ed me were all that counts xD

Norman : Chew Chew Yum Yum!

Ok the blue lines is what I wrote in the order list.

Look at what they printed out (in red lines).

I mean how in the world can HAINAN CHAM be with LESS KUEY TEOW?

With much anticipation, Lai snapped a pic of this order list too and we waited for my special drinks.

Tada~! The undrinkable Hainan Cham, not that it has any Kuey Teow in it, the drinks was simply undrinkable -.-"
Even Lai agreed with me after sipping it, RIGHT LAI?

Later yesterday
One of my New Year Resolution was to spend more time with my mum, and so I followed her to her potluck dinner :)
But before that, I did my revision and homework *jumps around*!
There were just so much of food that I think I have already gained 3-4 kgs today! and not to mention that I have a massive sore throat now too :(

Can you see that, it's all spicy and fried stuffs for dinner?How to say no?It's simply not right to say that to the people who prepared them whole-heartedly and brought them to the potluck!


Chilled Pineapple

Chilled Uber Sweet Honeydew

Jelly filled with peanuts

Jelly filled with pineapple

Pure Homemade Cheesecake

and I was told by my doctor not to have any heaty and cold stuffs before recovery.
There goes my throat lol.

On a happier note, I find that the toilet in that house was really kawaii.

Look at the basin, it's really 'english' ain't it?

Idk what is this but I find it cute too.

Oh and this is how they keep their spare toilet roll :)

Often, men for the sake of getting a living, they forget to live.
And sometimes, you don't need much to be happy,
you just need to remember to enjoy the journey of life.
Everything happens for a reason,
all you need to do is to look at it with your heart.
and stop blaming God for the consequences of life.
I find my backbone being a blessing though :).
It has become a part of me and forever will be.
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak,
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen to God.

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