Monday, January 4, 2010

Food Excursion Ipoh + Bidor


Convey, Jeff and I started out journey from home at 8.45am. We went to fetch YY and then we started our journey to Ipoh around 9am.

We reached Ipoh at 10.30am. I didn't know Ipoh is that near to KL. Probably not that near after I seen that half tank of petrol has gone from the petrol meter of the car.

We went to fetch the tour guide, Selphie first and reached our first stop unexpectedly.
Thanks to my Google map lol!

First Stop - Chendol

The infamous chendol :)

Oh So Yummy~

After Selphie's house, we headed to Ipoh Old Town for the infamous white coffee from Restaurant Nam Heong.

2nd Stop - Restaurant Nam Heong

Apam Balik

Nam Heong Dim Sum

Six in a pack, but sapued half before I snapped the pic :X

This proves that the Egg Tart is the BOMB!

Non Stop baking weh, I mean the egg tart lol.

Chicken Puff, another best seller :)

Five star curry mee :)

The oh so tasty Hakka Mee

This comes with the Hakka Mee

Selphie and I, thumb up to the white coffee yo~

Third Stop - Sin Eng Heong Kaya Puff


Mass Production eh?

My Dream Kaya Puff

Fourth Stop - Lunch@ Onn Kee Chicken Rice

Big Red Sign O.O

Bean Sprouts (Big)

1/2 Chicken

Hor Fun Soup

My drink - Calamansi Juice

The Girls

Ipoh Dai Kar Cheh and The Boss of The Trip xD

Then we sent Selphie home and we left Ipoh.


Final Stop - Duck Noodle@ Restaurant Pun Chun

YY eating the Duck Drumstick Noodle (dry)

Duck Drumstick Herbal Soup comes with the noodle
This is so nice! So flavorful! Even the meat, so tasty.

Jeff having the soup version.

A plastic bag full of Bidor's produced biscuits and cookies.

Thanks Selphie for guiding us in Ipoh :)
Thanks to all four of them for making the trip happen.

This was how I spent my first Sunday of 2010.
How was yours?

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