Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Semester Three :)

Day ONE of Semester THREE

Has it ever occurred to any of you Jan Intake A-Level-ians that now we are all old?


Two hours break were spent in PappaRich and Madam Joyce with the now-turn-geeky Norman, spec-less Alan and the usual cockle Lai =D

Everyone changed I think.
Shasha's hair straighter, Man Man and Matt lost weight.
Norman looked really geeky, Ding more masculine, Shyu Fei even more miaolicious xD, Wen Wen looked really skinny etc etc.
I can't really describe all lol.
Today college really felt like college.
Flooded with pre-u students!

Met graduated SAM-ians and ICPU-ians.
Selling books, it was like a black economy situation in front Taylor's main campus.

Dislike the new table arrangement.
Neckache sial from turning the head one side.
Failed to look for Yoko-Yoko.
But never mind tables can be rearranged lol since we will be in the same class for every single lessons :)!

Thanks to Joey and Wen Wen for the snacks lol.
Just another picture-less post because lazy to upload ze pictures.

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