Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Two-oh-one-oh is here, one year older, but I'm not wiser.
Can't figure out my mind sometimes.
Mum nagged me a bit and I found her annoying.
What kind of daughter am I?
Her nagging and complaining isn't something new.
It's always been happening.
So why is it I'm so rude towards her now and then?
What rights do I have to treat her like that?

It's only natural for parents to hold their child's hand when crossing the road.
What was I thinking? I jumped and refused to let her hold my arms.
Flashes of scenes when she held the same places while complaining how tiny my arms were kept playing and playing through my mind.
Guess I was affected by how uncomfortable I was during those moments.
She was hurt, really really hurt.
Sorry once, forgivable,
But repetitive? It means I never learn my lesson.
No mum, I really have learned my lesson.
I will listen to everything you say from now on.
That's because,

I realized how terrible I am at being a daughter.


I love you very much.
I don't want to see you cry because of my attitude problem anymore.
I will atone for it.

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