Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010

New Year Eve, 1500 hour, I went to fetch woman.
Then we headed to One Utama to do our last shopping.
Bought some clothes and then we left around 5pm.
By then, One Utama was already packed because it was pre-holiday and there was a countdown set up on Central Park.

We reached home around 5.30pm.
Dada and mama got ready by 6pm and we had our dinner in Laguna, Kota Damansara.
After dinner, we started our journey up to Genting.

Surprisingly, there was no jam.
We reached Genting before 8pm.
It was clear and cooling up in Genting.
However, crowd got thicker and thicker by 11pm.
And then, human traffic congestion occurred.

Human traffic congestion

We were set in the middle of the car park so that we could capture the pictures of the fireworks.
Woman set up her tripod but keep kena kicked by strangers because it was too crowded outside.

Camwhored while waiting for fireworks

By a few minutes past 12, fireworks were put up.
At first it was magnificent, however the fog and mist came.
And all we saw after that were coloured cloud and mist.

Just a bit, but better than nothing :)

So we walked back to our hotel through outdoor because indoor was totally packed and not moving. It was dangerous as hell because people were pushing people.
Death could seriously occur.

Woman dropped her camera in the room and we headed towards Safari to club.
We expected to queue for a while but it only took about 10-15 minutes to get in.
The dance floor was totally packed and the music were blasting.

An hour an a half later, we left Safari.
Why didn't stay til the end?
Because their songs selection sucks, and then it was hell smoky.
Besides, what was happening on stage was a turn off eh, woman :)?
Off the stage as well.
RM 45 cover charge didn't really worth every cents.
We were getting tired, proceeded back to the room for nice bed time chat before sleep.
Chips and water for supper before bed :)
Buffet breakfast@Genting Hotel and lepak-ed for a bit.
The trip came to an end, it was fun indeed.

Upon arrival

Before we left for club

Sayonara Genting!

Dead tired weh

Me being a retard while waiting for dada in lobby

Yes, we welcomed 2010 in sleeveless dress in a cold climate :)

P.S Credit to woman's baby for the pictures :)

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