Saturday, January 23, 2010

1 month

It has been exactly one month.
Things has been smooth.
Not expecting anything, just going with the phlow~~ so I'm perfectly fine :)

Woohoo! Went to watch Tooth Fairy in One Utama in the morning.
Hilarious and witty movie I shall say :)
Laughed a lot. An uncle was snoring in front.
Not an old folk show perhaps xD.

We went makan in Wong Kok after the movie and then went to the Concourse area.

This CNY Zhao Cai Mao is so CUTE! Reminds me of mum and Miao!

Miao loves ALL cat.

Conversation between Mum and I

Mum : I want go buy a Zhao Cai Mao in Japan!
Me : Why? Malaysia don't have?
Mum : I want one *referring to the cat* that screams 'I'M MADE IN JAPAN!'
Me : ...

All the decorations in One Utama really...
CNY feel -_-'

This is where the term


Back to study.
2 days til AS Result.

Jay, thanks for today :D

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