Friday, January 15, 2010

Paranormal Activity

This morning, traffic jam in front Subang toll and under the flyover opposite Carrefour T_T


Took me 40 minutes to reach college, almost 3 times the time I usually take :(
Parked super far somemore, need to leave earlier next time.

Ok happy stuffs.

I finally watched Paranormal Activity !

Initially had doubts in watching it because scared too scary.
Besides, I also wanted to watch with Ai Yan and Jia Yi.
Plan phailed le, +1 refused to watch :(.
So in the end, just me and 'bony' jay.

Ai Yan went to watch Jackie Chan's film :(

Paranormal Activity

Oh well, the film felt real.
It's not scary in a way like really panicky or gory.
But , it's scary coz it felt real.
Starting was a bit draggy that's all.
I think their selling point was the ending.

That's all for now, going Petaling Street tonight :)

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