Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fab Food Last Weekend

Mum brought me as her 'partner' to attend a wedding dinner in KL.

Ensemble for the night

Just when I thought mum and I were a bit overdressed, among the n number of unknown faces, I could see that most of them were dressed to kill, my initial thought was wrong -_-'
All the people I know were seated in host table,my table and mum's table.

Complimentary gift for the guest


The food was fabulous
the dinner was boring boring boring lol!
So, I'll just post up the food pictures :P

1. Appetizers
Four Seasons (Top View)

Side View

2. Soup
Buddha Jump Over The Wall

Dried Scallops, Shark Fins, Chicken Feet etc.

3. Spring Chicken
No Pictures taken because I don't eat chicken :P

4. Fish
Steamed Pompret

5. Prawn
Prawn in Soy Sauce

6. Abalone
Braised Abalone, Various Mushrooms, Sea Cucumber and Broccoli

7. Rice
Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Looks like a piece of crap I know

8. Dessert
Peanuts Sprinkled on Sesame Glutinous Balls

9. Dessert
Honeydew Sago

Tong Sui session@My Honeymoon + Movie with two leng luis.

Min and Fel :)

This is My Papaya, Snow Fungus and Lotus Seed

Fel's Mango Lo

Min's Six Sweet Glutinous Balls


Morning breakfast :) @Old Kawan a.k.a Pirated Old Town

Me. Woman

Signing Off.

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