Friday, January 8, 2010

Super-Indulgence Lunch

I had my super-indulgence buffet lunch which costed RM12 @De Pastry Cafe, Bandar Menjalara today.

I'll let the indulgences do the talking now :)


Fruit Tarts
Normally it's RM2 for one.

Mousse Tart, Chiffon, Swiss Roll

A very attractive cake

Fruit-based indulgences

Marble Cheese

Indulgences in cup!


Puddings, Cupcakes

Chocolate Brownies

Marble Brownies

Indulgences in a plate


Hot Pulled Tea~

Non Pastries lol!

Gah, my type of buffet.
But I still prefer Secret Recipe, Starbucks etc etc.
Well, this is what you can get for RM12.
Nonetheless, I'm full (:
Ciao peeps!

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