Thursday, January 21, 2010


PE1 :)

Gahh, I'm so tired everyday. Going to college with big panda eyes which many thought as eye liners. I'm completing my homework everyday and also training self to study everyday now :(.That's what happens when ones does not do well for AS.
I dont know lah, I think I didn't do well.
Insufficient sleep causes me to have appetite for weird food at weird moments and then etc etc.
Mood swings pretty much too. I'm sorry to my victims, you know I don't mean it, forgive me.
It's my problem, I shall snap out of them all.
I just need to isolate myself and I'll be all right after that.
Afterall, I was trained to be a loner since young.

Anyway, talking helps, as in LOTS and LOTS of talking, with the people you love I.E YOUR MUM. Besides that, yoga session helps a lot too ^_^

I shall be better tomorrow SO Fear NOT!
Let's A Cup is having Buy One Free One Promotion!
Dear PE1-ians, let's go and get the Bubble Tea tomorrow after our lunch ^^!

The new student planner is nice too!
Very 'student' feel eh?
I saw many farmiliar faces inside.
Joanna, you look sweet there xD

Woman, wonderful gossip session we is had this morning.

4 days left til AS result.

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