Monday, January 4, 2010

2nd Visit with Gastroenterologist

Dear Bloggie,

Today was my second follow up visit with Dr. Gan. My effort had been paid off. The bacteria infection ain't as bad as before, but that can't be confirmed until the scheduled breath test six weeks later. I'm medication-free now :). However, Dr. Gan said I shouldn't be snacking anymore. When I said no, he said I have to consider my health as I'm a person with poor health. He told me to take food with less salt and sugar, whereas coffee all that should be fine if non excessive. Guess it's time to give up on Pringles and Lays >.< I'm still relieved though :).
This stomach infection was a blessing. It's the best thing I never knew I needed. It made me think twice of the food I've been consuming and the worries people had for me. I'm sorry to all the people that have been constantly worried about my health. Nonetheless, I'm thankful.
God, thanks for the second chance you gave me, I will treasure it.

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