Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great Escape

Lai. Wen Wen. Normy. Me

off we go, Lai was scared til had to scream like mad. I wasn't that scary :(

See we reached safely.

Punch him :(

We value Normy's ass :)


Me take Normy's food, Lai take Normy eating.

College students and phones.

Wen Wen with his DSLR :)

A cross shaped fries, quite blur though.

Kebodohan :/

Gui Ling Gao yum yum.


Back to college.

It really wasn't scary, Norman was calm and relaxed.

In the Parking Lot



Pretend dead.

Meditation and me.

Off to class!

Weather was freaking hot!

Me and Wen Wen by the staircase.

Back to work :)

Selva's ghost face O.O

Man Man : Don't take my pic :(


Chicken Burger

Fish Burger

Chicken Strips



And today went by.
Today was a wonderful day.
My mood was off, but thanks to these guys, they made my day.

P.S I am sorry, I won't repeat the same mistake ever again.

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