Sunday, September 6, 2009


French Fries French Fries French Fries!

French Fries are some of the bestest food around, whether your preference is standard-cut, shoestring-cut, steak-cut, waffle-cut, western steak fries, or even those silly spiral-cut fries. Few have not been tempted by the beckoning aroma. They're great in summer and are warming on a cold winter day.

French Fries are available almost everywhere in the world, and not just at certain fast-food chain restaurants. Many European countries have chip shops which serve hot, fresh French Fries (and usually not potato chips). In some countries, one can even find automatic French Fry vending machines.

Stressed and Tired

See those fats

P.S I don't know why Physics make me crave for French Fries so much.
P.P.S I'm at the corner of the corner.

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