Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mai Dah-lings

The three-days-straight outings has officially come to an end

The fun I had was indescribable.
Met ALL my darlings.
Just didn't realize how much I've missed them UNTIL I see them.

Too much of miscommunication between me and my darlings, so my day started off with breakfast with parents @PappaRich KD.
And we came to our final plan,
that is we will all squeeze into my aunt's car and my aunt will drop us all at One Utama.
So after breakfast, parents dropped me home while I sat there waiting for Yiyi to fetch me.

Carried lots of stuff with me to Yiyi's car.
It was all Min's gift xD.
We hope you like the gift,Min

In the car

Yin pokes Fel

Min thinking bout something
Yin is always ready for the camera xD

and Yin went wide-eyed lol when they saw me.
Right after going wide-eyed at the gift, they were looking for wounds around my feet.
Well yeah, I showed them obviously.
We were dropped off at old wing.
Walked Yin to her piano class first.
Then walked Min to Neway at new wing which is like the other side of the world =X.

Then, left me and Fel.

Me : What do you want to eat?
Fel : Um, I think Starbucks then hotdog later with Yin.

Off we go to Starbucks.

Starbucks new Choco Cream Chip Frap Ambassador

it sucks a lot to walk WHOLE day in One Utama with a sore right feet.

Min : You ok or not? Can walk or not?
I think she repeated 4-5 times xD

Yin : Lyn, your hair look like lion xD

First movie of the day

Watched this show with Fel and Yin.
Bought two hot dogs for the sisters and Regular Popcorn combo for myself.
I think I'm seriously addicted to popcorn =(
I give this show a rating of 6/10.
I enjoyed the show, coz it was a brand new idea for a movie.
I mean the story line was unique.
Wasn't really gorish, but it was action-packed :)
It bored the hell outta my poor darling Yin though.

After the show, we met up with Min.

We went to play with the 20 cents weighing scales xD
Then, sticker pictures :)!
It has been a while since our last session.
Mind you, we are all crazy bout sticker pictures xD

*Will upload the scanned sticker pictures when I got it from the sisters.*

Then, it was 4pm.
Time really flies.
It was time to catch the second show.

Yin : Ha? Him again? Why so fast one the show? I hungry leh.

Me : What you wanna eat? Yala, same guy ma.

Yin : Uh, never mind, buy from cinema.

So we walked from old wing all the way to new wing again to catch the movie.
Bought lots of food from the cinema kiosk.

I give this show a rating of 9/10 :)
The jokes were funny and well,
I don't know, maybe it's because of the fact that we're just girls,
we LOVE chic lit :X

Gerard Butler was two different person in both shows.
It takes time for Yin to get used to it xD
Both shows are 18PL, we sneaked Yin into the cinema.

After the show, it was BYE BYE to Fel and Yin.
They couldn't join Min and me for CANDLE LIT dinner :(

Min and I went to Pick'n'Brew.
But we ended up in Delicious@Ms. Read.
Pick'n'Brew was fully booked for Ramadhan Buffet :(.
Well, next time then :)

The sweet Min

The tired me

Her Smoked Salmon Quiche and Lemonade

My Smoked Salmon Sandwich

We're both salmon lovers :)
Had a good time at Delicious.
Dinner was short but we had fun :)
Went to get a cup of coffee in Coffee Bean after that while waiting for my brother to fetch us.

Fel's new hairstyle :)

Min's PRICELESS expression
with Yin in full Camwhoring mode xD
She is so gonna kill me for posting this.
but I NO CARE =)

Thanks girls for coming out :)
I think now I'm motivated to do what I am supposed to do during this holiday :)

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