Friday, September 25, 2009

Homecooked Food VS Outside Food

Home cooked Food
1. The quality of a home cooked meal is always better.
2. You know if the food is properly cooked to the proper temperatures so you have a smaller chance of getting a food born illness.
3. You can cook it to your likings.
4. There are less preservatives in home cooked meals.
5. It is cheaper.


I present you with the chef :)

Dishes of the night

Beancurd with some vege which will be flooded with some special homemade sauces later. This is the bomb I can ensure you :).

Char Siew, very flavourful. Picky girl like me gives thumb up too :P

Stir fry mix vege, err I eat 3/4 :/

Outside Food a.k.a Japanese Food

We went to the newly opened Inspiration Restaurant.

Sushi Chef in action



Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Last Page

Sorbet :/


Green Tea and Miso Soup


White Tuna Sashimi


Combo B

Garlic Fried Rice

Salmon hand roll and California hand roll

I choose home cooked food :P because I love my mum's cooking.
What would you choose and why?
Please kindly drop me a comment LOL.

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