Thursday, October 1, 2009


Owh god, brain is saturated.
No inspiration to blog.

Flame up my life :(

Let's start with what happened today :)
Today was supposed to have FOUR hours break.
Wen Wen and Normy MIA.
I was fully prepared to rot away in the library with my books.
However, after negotiating with the lecturers, majority have agreed to push forward the last two period! YAY classes ended at ONE :)

Left college right after that, really needed to go home and rest.
I went to get a haircut instead.
Hair is dying away

I'm now home. Gosh, so tired!
But I can't sleep.
Time to get some work done :)

P.S AS Finals timetable is out.
P.P.S No 18th birthday celebration for me :)
P.P.P.S Can't wait for mooncake festival, PLAY LANTERNS!

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