Friday, September 25, 2009

"Gli amici vanno e vengono, ma la famiglia sarà sempre lì per te"

It felt great to sweat like a pipe early morning.
When the sun has just risen, the road was clear and empty.
Driving was smooth, and it has never felt this enjoyable before.

After shower, went to fetch granny to Taman Bukit Maluri for her blood pressure check-up.
Unusually, it felt good to listen to her talk in the car for the whole journey.
Gosh, humans. We never appreciate do we? Or is it just me?

I still remember the old times when she was just next door.
'Lyn, have you eaten?'
'Lyn, it's 5pm, time to bath.'
'Lyn, you are back already.'

Those were the sentences she would utter to me every single day (without failing).

I fetched her to the clinic and also the bank then headed home.
Because due to her uber-high blood pressure, she needs a lot of rest.
    Old is gold.

    I think this is very true.
    Seriously, old folks experienced more than us.
    Take granny as an example.
    Despite being uneducated, she experienced hardship to raise her children.
    (including my mum *peace*)

    After fetching her and listening to her speak and all,
    I suddenly felt like I have neglected my parents.
    Not really a lot, maybe a little, but still.
    Like I haven't been spending much time with them, listening to them speak.

    It's never too late to love.
    Especially someone special like them :).

    When things don't go right for you,
    And you feel like no one is there to support you,
    Also no matter how far you fly,
    Family will always be there for you.

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