Friday, September 18, 2009

at the end of the day, nothing else matters :)

Last night, read books til fall asleep, but nothing seemed to go in.
Nowadays, really hard to fall asleep :) and idk why.
Well, alone in the middle of the night isn't that bad, it makes you think.

This morning, went yoga.
Feet was agonizing, but I made it through.
Fetch woman and came back home to bath then left home.

Rain took away my mood for a wordy post.
Pictures will do the job.

Breakfast @I Love Yoo!

Porridge, You Tiao and Hot Soya

Look See Look See

Hairbands ♥

Reminds us of Jess Tan :)

Reminds us of Adam :)

Seriously MAD

Lunch @Kim Gary


XXS size waffle =.="

Watching Orphan

I is noob.

Kept quiet the whole time during the show, didn't wanna spoil the surprises for them.
Dropped woman home around 4++ and went to find Gek.
Dragged her along for dinner to celebrate her birthday with her since I couldn't make it next Monday :(.

Gek ♥

Left with one box petrol and dying phone, met with heavy rain and massive jam.
Do what :)? chilleks lah.

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