Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exam = Stress

There was only one paper going on today, Statistics 1.
Well, the day started off with mum yelling at the maid in the kitchen because apparently today is 15th of the month :).
Mum cooked tonnes of delicacies which ended up in all of our stomach now :)
Well, Stats exam went by in a flash and I gave Matthew a ride home :).
The paper was LOL OK.
I spent most of the time beautifying my diagrams :(
It was an epic failure because I'm bad at arts.
Gah anyway there was one question in it where they used the name 'Eden' and it reminded me of the Dim Sum shop in Kepong T_T, I salivated at the thought of it.
Came home and watch 'The Ultimatum' with a bottle of soya bean and LOACKER.
God I really love LOACKER now, thanks to Ah Bang for intro-ing me :D.

First week of trials ended officially, entering second week.
Well, I'm sure to most of us,


So, Wen Wen and I decided to go destress during one of our three hour break :)

Off we go :)


When Emo meets Indulgence

Venue of Destress Session : COLD STORAGE

Root Beer :)

Wen Wen's Version

My Version

Now, would you wanna buy this brand of ROOT BEER xD?

Fruits =D

Chips Chips Chips!



Bus can look so attractive sometimes.
credit to Jian Wen the photographer

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