Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today, the second day of trials.
Had physics practical in the morning and later, economics paper 1.
Poof, both papers went by.
Practical was not like what I thought.
I was nervous at first, but it was only temporary xD.
I actually enjoyed the process.
Poor Jay Sen who was in the second shift had to be quarantined xD.

In between

Sleeping beauty and Jun Yit :)

Economics paper 1, well let's not talk about it :).
Finished the paper in 20 minutes and the rest of the time was freezing and rechecking.
Then de javu all over til 3.45pm.
When the clock struck 3.45pm and we were out of MPH, noises everywhere lol.
Joey walked with me to secret recipe, I got my cake and he went to withdraw cash.
It was his first meal of the day, gosh, and it's like the 3rd meal for the rest of us already.
I am now home, finally able to rest.
With a piece of moist chocolate cake on my lap xD
And watching 'The Ultimatum'.

P.S gonna start pumping physics later.

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