Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's only there if you feel it, if you don't put it in your mind, it doesn't exist.

I had a dream.
I was lying there on the floor of some places similar to AC.
Just beside an elevator.
I completely lost the will to live.
I think I failed A Levels.
Was just lying there staring at the ceiling and idling.
People were all walking across me without looking.
As in crossing over me. Holding up their feet and walking past me.
Then someone I know appeared. Mama.
She did what others did. She too crossed over me.
She was heading to a shop nearby to do some shopping.
And there her daughter was lying there on the floor helpless and aimless.

I texted her.
Me : don't u care bout me lying here?
A text came in almost immediately.
Mum : oh well, i wasn't a good student myself. I can't even bash u up or what. I know I brought a girl to life, a girl who I have faith in what she does, like studies. She let panick took over her and overwhelmed her so badly that she forgot how to kill papers. She temporarily lost her aim. Gah, she will find her way.

The dream, I don't understand it at all.
But I woke up crying.

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