Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have you met... me?

Since it's Sunday now, I would call it the 'past' week :). I really don't know how to draft a post now, so much has happened in the past week. Should I separate them into a few post or should I just summarize all in one? Anyway while I was typing, I've already decided that I would make it all in one :)

Alright, so yesterday was a day filled with activities, the KL Bar young lawyers decided to come and meet with us Year 1 and Year 2 students. The workshop was a pretty relaxing ones, we asked a lot of questions whether related or non related to the law field :) Anyhow the overall experience was a good one and it was held in the Moot court :). Now, I'm pretty quite sure what lies in the future for me and what I wanna do with my life in the next few years :).

Hi, have you met... me?


(HAHA, I super duper jakun sorreh!)

Meet us, the lifeless law students :P

Meet my friend, Sin Yee & Ling Ying :) Haha, I just can't help but notice that Rachel is so cute at the back :P

Jack, haha we can crap 24/7 :P

Then it was 1pm and we left to watch Red!

Ratings for Red : 4/5
Haha go watch it, it's really hilarious!

My sibling organized a private Halloween party in a rented apartment :)
We had about 30-40 peeps over for games and drinking.
Lots of drinking were going on until the next day.
Many were down and I had to drive my brother home.
He was pretty much KO-ed too :(

Nonetheless, last night was the craziest night ever!

They call themselves the FML crew :S

The picture above is a teaser of last night, pictures are not entirely up yet, shall share with you soon


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