Wednesday, November 3, 2010

if you feel the way I do.

The last few days has been great, oh well when has law school been NOT great so far :)? Well, except for the assignments part! Apparently we have a case brief to submit tomorrow and we didn't know how to submit it until today! Thank god I finished mine few days ago. So now I'm just relaxing my mind and that explains why I'm blogging!

Yesterday was Yan's big big day, dinner was just Yan, Fern and me. We met up at One Utama and had dinner at Chillis :))


Hehe, this took up most of our time!
Scrabble FTW!


Yours Truly & the b'day girl :) Happy Birthday again, I was the last to wish!

Hmmphhhh, as for Halloweeen party which happened last week, which pretty much gone out of hand, this is the picture that I like the most :)

Left to right : The Dracula wanna-be (damn funny coz he's wearing his t shirt and specs!) , The Grim Reaper, The Shinigami (from Bleach) and me (The Angel w/o make up LOL, and got bullied the most)

Lots of works to be dued tomorrow, good luck in getting them done peeps, we will fighto~!

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