Monday, October 11, 2010

who told you that?

Finally, classes started officially. First lecture was Criminal Law. It wasn't as stressful as I expected. In fact, my lecturer made lecture one really exciting though. hmm, also most of us came prepared so it wasn't really boring either :D

Anyway, today I met like a lot and a lot of people that I know in campus. A few senior of mine were previously my schoolmates and college mates. I saw Marianne, Kai Xian, Hui Hwa, Cedric and Elaine today! The world is really small.
Hmm, and we had this signature list thing with every senior's description and we had to figure out who's who. So, Lee & Ching xD went around talking to seniors, and I tagged along too.

Anyhow, during our three hours break today, we ate and took pictures at the Amphitheater for G&H Face Search. Hmm, the frames were all made out of newspaper, it was really creative but I was really ugly lol, because the weather was unbearably hot, oily face and messy hair!

We camped in the library for the rest of the time. I snuck in my lunch XD

Ops don't mind me ya, I looked like sakai anyway.

Then it was Tort lecture time.
Mind you, my lecture venue has no white board :(, only the stupid projector.
We have to picture everything in our mind as the lecturer describe it.
Sucks a lot.
Anyway, mmmm Tort is an interesting subject too.

Finally gonna register at the University of Reading's online portal tomorrow.
Ahh, notes and tutorials!

Yikes, why does the bookstore named itself UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE when all the required textbooks for a law undergraduate like me are OUT OF STOCK?!

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