Sunday, October 17, 2010

week 2 happenings.


I reached university earlier than expected that day.

Enough said, I was so bored that I was dozing off in the lecture theatre.


On a quest of searching for the perfect pair of shoes for formal event. Detour-ed a bit and went into Kitschen to play with their mirror.

Did not buy the high-waist pencil skirt :)

Suited up, *ok not exactly since I didn't bring my blazer along*, and then off to university to attend the inspirational talk by Dato Mahandev Shankar.

It's a reflective wine cupboard.

On the same day, found out my Tutorial group. I absolutely got the group that I've been wishing for :D.


It was my birthday.

First cake from law classmates, Matcha from RT Pastry :)
Thanks guys!

Second cake from PE1-ians of A-levels, Chocolate Brownies from Secret Recipe.
You guys make me fat xD


I absolutely love all of them.
It was really very thoughtful of them all.


One of my favourite shop is finally opened in The Gardens!

So.... did... not... enter the shop.
The queue was so long!

I also went to a charity dinner which was held in Chung Hwa Independent High School.
It was funny that MCA's Chua Soi Lek and Opposition's Elizabeth Wong were both there to give their speech.
It was also rather dramatic. The way those giving speeches had to speak in Mandarin.
Enough said, Chua Soi Lek spoke better Mandarin than Elizabeth Wong.

Chua : Elizabeth spoke rojak Mandarin, nevermind that because her intention were delivered clearly, she finished her speech too. It's ok Elizabeth :) I wasn't able to speak Mandarin too. Just gotta speak more often and then would be good to go.

Hmm, these photos shall wrapped up week 2.
Adios peeps, yours truly ;) is signing off.

P.S This post is solely based on my thoughts and opinion. No pun intended :).

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