Saturday, October 2, 2010

Of Solaris & 1 Utama

Today was fun, from now on I'm giving my Saturday to her :)
It was just two girls hanging out and spending time together.

Breakfast - Little Collins Bakery & Florist @Solaris Mont Kiara
Lunch - Popcorn in the cinema (LOL!)
Movie : Dinner For Schmucks
Tea - Otak-Otak Place @One Utama

Boy, it was drizzling all the way on Penchala Link

In Little Collins

Arrays of cakes over there at the counter

Yan's Ice Milo

My Kopi O

and also, my Eclair :)
I didn't know Eclair's filling is cream, though I struggled to finish it coz I hate cream.
but hey! I did finish it :)

We walked for a bit and realised there were nothing much to see, we left for One Utama.
Watched Dinner For Schmucks and had tea at Otak-Otak Place.
Quite a cute place I should say.

These bottles, authentic :)

Yan's Nasi Lemak Otak-Otak

Teh Halia Ginseng w/ CRACKER!

The Nasi Lemak is nice!

So Cute :)

Just something extra.

I find them quite creepy.


Then we went job hunting.
That made me realise, a lot of the shops are hiring O.O

Going Back!


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