Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Mentor Meeting Session

Law school makes me do crazy stuff.
Excuses haha, I was already cuckoo before law school.

Heyyo people :), so basically these few days law school has been really fun and stressful at the same time. Lots of things are going on now, lectures, tutorials, online assignments, interviews, talks and then there's the bake sales for tomorrow :)!

The bake sales is gonna be handled by all of us from the Oct 2010 Cohort students :), our theme is basically just 'Food for charity'. Supposingly I was gonna bake muffins for tomorrow, but then Najwa said that we have lots of food already, however we are short of waiters/waitresses, therefore I'll be a waitress tomorrow.

The bake sale will be from 8am to 2pm in front the Student Life Centre, on the foyer. Oh wells, basically that's where all the sales and bazaar thingy were held all these while.

Oh well, you must be tired of me yapping and yapping about the charity sales tomorrow, I shall get back to my first mentor session with Mr. A. Mr. A is Jack, Ling Ying and my mentor. Actually he's our personal tutor, but I prefer to say it as mentor, because I like to say MENTORRRRR. So, basically we went to meet him after Criminal lecture today.

From what I heard about others personal tutor meeting session, theirs lasted for about 5-10 minutes only. Guess what? Mine was about 45-50 minutes long :). Basically, Mr. A is just a bit older than us, and I shall say, he's a very friendly lecturer. Since the age gap is not that wide, we could really talk to him, and then knowing Jack, he really can talk a lot. Therefore, we met Mr. A for about 50 minutes.

We were just there sharing and chatting, nothing serious actually. Anyway, there was another group of staff in the room next to ours and it was getting really annoying already. So, around 2.50pm, Mr. A dismissed us and we left. We went back to class to look for Amanda but found Rachel and Grace instead.

Oh well, my first mentor meeting session was nothing like was I dreaded. Boring, awkward and quiet! None of the three that I mentioned! Now, I really have to start thinking about what I want to do after law school. As you can see, life is no fairytale, parents don't cave our pathway for us, we do. We decide our own lives, it's either we make it through, or we break it.

It's so expensive to study in Taylor's, why waste the money if can't do well? Might as well take the money and do business right? So, now that I have stepped into this, that means I will have to do my best and graduate from law school. Really don't want to taint my record or history just like what Mr. A said.

Cheers peeps, if you happen to be at Taylor's Lakeside Campus tomorrow, do drop by the foyer around 8am to 2pm aight?

Happy Birthday again Jonathan!


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ken said...

law is complicated :P

Jolyn said...

Ken : why is it so :)

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