Friday, October 8, 2010

Lex Slide - CHECKED!

Decided to find Wen Wen @Toy r us, Empire Shopping Gallery today because today was my rest day, I don't need to fight the jam and fight for parking in university :D

We only hung out for about 2 hours because his break time was only one hour long and another hour was me hanging around cashier disturbing him, thus lowered his working performance xD So so sorry :P

Ok, he looked very comfortable :P

Cashier Wen Wen in action xD

I was talking to him and then he had to entertain me, then the customers were getting pretty annoyed, so I walked away to let him do his job and visited the store.

This is a freaking funny game.

Then he got his break at 2pm, he punched out and we walked towards our lunch spot @Uncle Lim, Subang Parade.

His food and my lime juice.

Whee, I love his Toy r us polo tee xD

Being an awesomely good friend, see Wen Wen, I'm praising you! He accompanied me to ride down the world's largest indoor slide a.k.a Lex Slide which was officially open not long ago :D

My Ticket RAWR

You will always be a kanak-kanak ribena, you know xD

This is the entrance, it's not scary :)

It was a good experience, RM12 was definitely worth it.
Gonna drag the rest of PE1 there the next time they are back for holidays!

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