Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, the longest day of my week.

The day started off with the programme director of Reading's School of Law telling us about how awesome life at Reading is xD. Seriously, I freaking excited already after the talk. We kept shooting her with questions bout Reading, anyway it's really nice and informative, can't describe it :)

This is the person who made my day xD, she's such a friendly lecturer :))

Then, there were the two guys who dressed identically and so chun-ted that I felt underdressed.


Oh ya, then J reached Lakeside, and we went for our BR date.
Yay, he treated me to my free BR, my belated birthday treat WHEEE!

These two are the pre-made ice-cream cake, without icing O.O

My froyo~

As usual la, the guy with his Jamoca Almond Fudge.
Trying to multitask, taste ice-cream, holding his cone and pay for the ice-cream.
Tsk tsk.

Weekend is here, and it doesn't mean holiday, so it's time to go bury myself in McKendricks.

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