Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charity Sales by First Year Law Students

Oh busyyyy! Finally gotten around for a quick post. Ok so this was what happened at the 8am-2pm charity sales held in front of the Student Life Centre, Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Food that we had :)

Domino's :) , who doesn't love pizza?
Sold out within two hours time!

Hotdogs, sinfully yummy, was available throughout the sales period ;)

Caught the hearts of many peeps :), the cupcakes.
Also Sam's greatest achievement in selling em, she's got her angels yo ;)

ze signboard slave ;) then Jack took it away :(

hehe I swear I LOOKED ABSURD!

Took some pictures with the girls before we start to sell the food :)

Tania, Najwa, me and Grace.

spot me :)?

Well, I wanna take this opportunity to thank those who supported this sales of ours, without your support we wouldn't have made a profit :) Also we wouldn't have been able to help the children in Bario :).

Thanks J and E for dropping by for the cupcakes.

Thanks to P, L and D :) I don't know if the hotdogs were tasty but thanks for coming to the foyer and supporting the sales!

The law lecturers were really supportive too :DD They bought like really a lot to bring back to the office. Sharing is caring after all :P

I think that's all for now, signing off :)!

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