Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Voilà! It's Tuesday.

Ok now we are having lunch at Subway with the girls and the three guys :). It's kind of hot around here. Just had my first contract law tutorial, might I say contract law is really interesting, and Mr. A is so knowledgable about almost everything and anything. I'm in the same group as John and Joshua, thank god, at least someone I know, not *ahem* and *ahem hehehe.

Oh well, if I have a camera now in my iPad, which I obviously don't. I would have taken the photo of Amanda gobbling down her subway and also my beautiful Chindian friend, Rachel here :).

Oh, ya not forgetting the triple J, yes all the three guys' name starts with J, having the time of their lives with their sandwiches over there in the next table. Ya we had to sit separately because of the small tables and small space in Subway. That's so bad huh.

I'm currently typing away and waiting for the next contract lecture, waiting to be awed by Mr. A again lol. I really salute all these law lecturers, being able to story tell the cases, adding own point of view and planting food for thoughts in our minds. Well, I guess I'm just really inspired right now.

I'll shall go back to chatting with them, chao :)

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