Thursday, June 17, 2010


I woke up this morning feeling really tired and bored of those walls at home. So, I took the keys and just drove out to explore new places.
I drove through Penchala Link towards Sri Hartamas.

I've never drove there before though, always my brothers are the ones driving there.
Was just very curious why my brothers love to hang out there at night.
Oh wells, nothing was there that captured my attention.
I got pretty lost and had to drive around a few times.
Lots of ang mohs and Koreans.

and then, I drove to Mont Kiara, just parked my car and then went down for a walk.
mmm, refreshing air :)
and then again, lots of ang mohs school kids :/
I felt so old over there.
settled down somewhere to have a cup of coffee and read my book.
It's a book called 'The Book Of Tomorrow' by Cecilia Ahern.
very nice book, I can't put the book down omg.
I finished my book YAYAYAYA!
Rating for the book : 3.5/5 :)

Then something happened.
These two women came and sat at the table next to me.
One woman took out a box of weed and started rolling em.
Next thing I know, she was smoking them and the smokes were coming at my direction.
Talk about being inconsiderate =.=
Suddenly, my quiet day got ruined.
I became a passive weed smoker.
FML zzz.

After what I saw, it really makes me wonder, that isit even legal to smoke weed in public, here at Malaysia?So, I left Mont Kiara and headed back to KD.

Overall, today was a good experience.
I guess I just can't sit still at home.
Must do this more often, venture out to new places that is :)
I discovered a few hang out places too.
Must bring my darlings there someday.

Omg, my green veins -_-

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