Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing Starbucks Summer Phase 2

'Summer Phase 1' which featured Espresso n Cream Frappucino and Strawberry n Cream Frappucino has been a hit :)
Today, Starbucks MY has officially launched 'Summer Phase 2'.

Lemon Hibiscus Ice Blended and Lemon Green Tea Ice Blended

After settling some errands at Damansara Perdana and also gotten myself enrolled in a baking class *JUMPS AROUND IN JOY*, I went over to the Kota Damansara outlet to grab my first try on the Lemon Green Tea.

I didn't have much expectation as oh well, y'all know that I'm a coffee addict :)

Introducing Lemon Green Tea Ice Blended...

Chris The Barista with my Grande Cold Cup Tumbler filled with Lemon Green Tea Ice Blended

Summer Phase 2 tumblers

Design 1 and 2

Design 3 and 4

I still like my own better :P

While waiting for the Barista to make my Lemon Green Tea, I had my usual :P

Yummylicious muffin and steaming hot sky juice

and then, Chris brought over my drink and I got my first try.
I must say the drink really fits the theme 'Summer'
Refreshing and tasty.

I'll go back for the Lemon Hibiscus Ice Blended :)

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