Saturday, June 19, 2010

Harley and Me

Yesterday was a busy day, I didn't even have time to sit down in front my comp and stone.

Morning was Coffee Bean, Delicious and A-Team with the Girls ♥

Hehehe I know we have got funny expressions yo.

Whose finger :P

My Lemongrass Iced Tea and her Hot Honey Lemon

Carbonara :)

Chocolate Brownies

And as usual, Delicious never fails :).

At night, party at Wei Wen's!

Guess who's driving me :)?

Me, dominating Monopoly hahaha, being the first to get the complete set for yellow.

Harley and Normy :P

Hilarious, fun and relaxing Friday. I love my darlings and classmates :)!

Details shall remain memories for me and them forever :)
Enjoy the pictures peeps XD

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