Sunday, June 13, 2010

TCSJ CAL Grad Ball 2010

People :D I'm done with A-Levels!
Ask me out ask me out :D
Now I shall be back to being a daily blogger *fingers crossed I keep this promise :)*
So sorry for abandoning my blog for so long and only update it every few days!
I really think at the rate I was updating my blog, noone want to come to visit my blog already luu~

Oh wells, anyway I had my last paper at Friday.
and freedom commenced at 1.30pm that day.
The CAL Grad Ball was at night, 7.30pm!
By the time I have gotten ready for from, it was already 4.30pm.

I'm Ready!

Then I'm out of the house by 5 :)
Reached my destination around 6+

Ze Prom @JW Marriott
Met up with Ai Yan

Lot of Love :)
I'm glad to have found you

Now I shall present you with all the nice people I spent my 1 and a half year with :)

Eng Wee, my seatmate for 1 and a half year :)
I hope you get your LSE offer and don't forget bout me :DD!

Norman, the one who never fails to make me laugh til stomachache.

Petrina, our friendship was a magic :)

Yin, the beauty who never fails to be gorgeous with a super nice personality.

Jay Sen, the one who never fails to be there.

EK, my 24/7 Hardcore Twitter Kaki :D

KK, the one who's always thirsty, KAMPAI!

Xin Yi, my high school turned college friend, love her smile so much :)

Li Yee, a high school and college friend of mine who has a super sweet personality :D

Sukee, the one who never fails to be hot and sweet at the same time.

Jade, the gorgeous and cute Kpop superfan :D

Me, Jia Da, Jess.
Jia Da, the one who never fails to smile.
Jess, the sporting and outgoing girl.

Me, Wen Wen and Yin
Wen Wen, the one who named us 'The Skinnies', he's always so creative.

Me, Brian, Yan.
Brian, the Paul Frank guy who always races with us to book Mohan PFFT LOL LOL

The Girls, they never fail when it comes to helping with studies.

The Girls of PE1 and Mr Lai (Maths Lecturer)
Mr Lai, one of the most outgoing lecturer :)

PE1 :)

PE1 with all the lecturers except Mr Lai

Everyone was a camwhore that night, because we were all dressed up!
There were performances by PE1, the lecturers, the SUPERCOOL HEARTBEAT!


Caprice pulled Jaz Nie up to the stage and sang to her.
My heart raced like bullet train for her! HAHA!

Then, there were the Prom King and Queen & the Best Dressed.
Also, there were the lucky draws :)
Congrats to those who won the Prom King and Queen, the Best Dressed and those lucky winners of the prizes!

I got a Cleo goodie bag for being nominated for the Best Dressed, thank God for that because I've never read a Cleo magazine before! No Kidding, and after I've read it, I can assure you that Cleo magazine is one of the best read !

Ze AfterParty @Maison

We never fail to take weird photo ;D

There are so many things on my mind right now that I so freaking want to say to everyone, including all of you that I've mentioned in this post.
But, words are always not enough.
Therefore, memories that we have carved into each others mind shall be kept deep in our hearts forever.
I really had a blast that night, and the whole 1 and a half year in Taylor's.

I love you guys so much, I hope 10, 20 years from now, you guys will still smile when you think of these memories, and of course! ME! =D

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