Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Time

Finally, today I met up with Gek Si, a really good friend of mine.
How long have we been friends? 6 years.
I totally remember how we used to sing together in class as we used to be seatmates!

She's the owner of this iPhone wannabe HAHAHA

Mannee dropped by for a bit.
We talked for a bit and somehow I got to know how ex BU3-ians are doing now.
Oh well, Mannee is so thin and petite now :(.
Must have been cause of the stress!

We left around 4 because I needed to get home.
Oh by the way I tried the new Lemon Hibiscus Ice Blended from Starbucks.

Grande Lemon Hibiscus Blended in my cold cup tumbler

Hmm, not bad but I still prefer Lemon Green Tea Blended.
Til then peeps :)

P.S May Ling, you faster finish EXAMMMMMMM!!!!

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