Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Lunch @Tao's Authentic Asian Cuisine

Tao, situated in Sunway Giza embraces a new concept of eating in KD (at least for Japanese food) with a all you can eat buffet for lunch and dinner. All customer have to do is pay RM48++ per pax and keep stuffing their stomach with the endless supplies of food. However, there is a penalty for wastage. For every 100g of wastage, customer will be charge RM10.

Today, for Father's Day promo, dads get 50% off the normal prices.
My family and relatives which summed up to 25pax including 3 dads, went to Tao for lunch.

I know many people has given good reviews on Tao, saying how good is their food and services, environment and ambiance.
But for me, my experience there was a total different story.

I don't know if it's because today there were too many customers or what, but somehow they just don't meet my expectation.
Services were too slow, food arrangement too messy.
The freshness of the food failed me, incomparable to the Japanese Restaurant situated one floor down from Tao.
Even the food that we ordered from the menu, were too slow to arrive.
I was rather disappointed at them.

I will not go back to Tao for a second time.

Oh by the way, here are some pictures I took at Tao.


Our table
We were seated at three such tables, given we had 25 pax, we were seated at the arrangement of 9-8-8. It was hard for us to get out and take the food.



Food variety were too limited if compared to rival restaurants (i.e Jogoya/Tenji).
Nonetheless, 25 of us had a good time chatting and catching up over there, because we could sit and chill there until the end of the time slot.

P.S Above are mainly my opinion, I have no intention in offending anyone of you readers.

A big shoutout to all the daddys out there!

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