Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Lagoon Virgin No More

Spent my first Wednesday of the holiday @Sunway Lagoon with my friends.

Today was my first time at Sunway Lagoon :X
*sigh* I know I'm not patriotic :P, Malaysia's theme park also never visit before xD

Well, the reason that I went to Lagoon is because of the fact that KK is leaving :(
He's going back to Sarawak.

Yan, Me and KK

Haha at his classic expression

We paid RM60 each for the 3 parks offer. 3 parks including Wet Park, Wildlife Park and Amusement Park.
Me, being the weak hearted only went on 1 ride in the amusement park xD, I was the camera woman most of the time xD, thanks to Yan's DSLR.

The crazy ride that I did not get on, hence I took this picture :)

Queue-ing up


The guys gap lui-ing

We were at the water park for about 2 hours plus.
It was so crowded over there, and all the crazy stuffs happened there.
Didn't feel like eating inside or changing inside, Yan and I just stomped out of the crowded Lagoon and changed in a cleaner washrooms.
Today was quite tiring, barely eaten anything.

All pictures were taken by Yan's DSLR and editted by Yan the Woman :)

We rented a float which is shaped like a 8, damn regret playing with it lor. Jie, Adam and Yin were the bad boys and bad girl. Yan and I kena teruk from them. Hmm, I think the water still trapped inside my ear, better get em out.
Til then peeps :)

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