Friday, June 4, 2010

Two places at ONCE

Why did I take so long to blog eh?
Finals lah DENG.

It was Aunt Mary's son, Ricky's wedding.
Only after I got to know Aunt Mary, then I realized that he was my senior, so I thought I would accompany mum to his wedding dinner, DESPITE having finals *bang walls*.
Somehow, the wedding dinner clashed with my Economics tuition.
Conclusion, I needed to be at two places at ONCE.
Oh well, I made it :)

That was the first time, that I had to go to a formal event without having enough time to prepare.

Only managed this with the limited time I have.
Thanks Min for the lovely dress

Some pictures of the event

Overall, it was a nice experience, the newly weds were lovely.
Cheers to them :)

After the whole thing, rushed home to continue studying for AS Economics.
*Potong Steam* I know LOL.

Started my morning with Yan and Evonne @Subway, walked in and it was empty.
and then, after I sat down, within few seconds, the crowd built up.
Oh wells, the breakfast set is a big hit :).
After that, we headed to the library, went straight to camp in computer room.
Coz library is warm, very very warm.
At least, the computer room is more bearable.

God blessed us all I think.
No matter MPH or DR2 :)
The papers were alright, *fingers crossed*

Things to do after A2 :
1. Ban Starbucks.
2. Ban Subway.
3. Prom, After party.
4. Hang Out with my darlings, MISS THEM SO DAMN MUCH OMFG.
5. Trips!
5. Baking Class *WINK*

Shall get back to study again, enough resting, this is the final week, final shot.

Three more papers and I'm free :D
Economics, you are such a hottie :)

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